vinyl siding on home

F.A.Q. about Vinyl Siding or Vinyl Soffits

Can vinyl siding be cleaned?
Absolutely. Vinyl siding like any product exposed to the atmosphere may become a little dirty over time. You should be able to clean it with an ordinary garden hose, but should the dirt be a bit stubborn we suggest the following: Attach a soft-bristled, long-handled car brush to the hose. For hard to clean areas add 1/2 cup Murphy's oil to 2 gallons warm water. We recommend starting from the bottom and working your way up, rinsing frequently. Cleaning solutions should be left on the surface of the siding for several minutes before rinsing.

Is there a particular time of year that is best for installing vinyl siding?
No. Vinyl siding can be installed all year round and in fact is manufactured to withstand the most extreme temperatures therefore making it one of the most versatile exterior claddings on the market. Royal Siding is manufactured using The Dura Technology Process. The key to The Dura Technology Process is Royalside Compound, a proven blend of the world's finest raw materials. This blend, together with our exlusive Dura impact modifiers and premium ingredients, forms the base for a tougher, longer lasting siding, which can be installed all year round.

What kind of warranty do I get?
Royal Vinyl Siding is backed by one of the industry's most powerful warranties; an incredible Double Lifetime non-prorated warranty allowing you to enjoy your siding worry free. Also because Royal Vinyl Siding includes a double lifetime warranty if you ever decide to sell your house the new owners will also enjoy the benefits of a full lifetime non-prorated warranty as well.

Can vinyl siding be painted?
Royal Vinyl Siding should never be painted. Our products are available in a range of colors, profiles and accessory options eliminating the need to ever paint your siding. Royal's color-through process hides scratches, ensuring your panels keep their freshly painted appearance. Royal Viny Siding will never peel, flake or chip for long lasting beauty and virtually maintenance-free performance.

Will the addition of vinyl soffits block my existing soffit vents?
No! Our perforated and vented soffit panels provide excellent airflow while keeping out insects and rodents.

What are the benefits of vinyl siding and / or soffits?

  • Will not dent, peel, rust, flake or corrode.
  • Color-through process never needs painting.
  • Hides scratches while providing a lifetime of service; virtually maintenance-free.
  • Distinctive low-gloss woodgrain finish (siding) or matte finish (soffits).
  • Provides that freshly painted look year after year.
  • Distinctive profiles available in a variety of contemporary colours.
  • Enhances the curb appeal and architectural design of your home.
  • Will not conduct electricity.
  • Safer, no grounding required.
  • Cost effective, virtually maintenance-free cladding system.
  • Increases the value of your home.
  • Unbeatable lifetime, non-prorated, fully transferable to lifetime non-prorated limited warranty covering material and labor.
  • Provides you with a lifetime of protection for your investment as well as peace of mind for as long as you own your home.

Image of house and FAQ information courtesy of Royal Building Products